Manufacturing process

Seapath is a sustainable clothing brand. We do everthing to avoid unsustainable materials or plastic.
To be sure about it, we control all manufacturing process from where we buy the organic cotton until we ship the collection. The process is:

  1. Creative process - we work with some modellers and illustraters to create our collection;
  2. Buy raw material - we buy the organic cotton from the best portuguese  suppliers;
  3. Internal production of clothes - we have a small textil company with more than 30 years of experience working with the finest brands. 
  4. Packaging - we do not use plastic in our packaging. 
  5. Shipping- we send your order directly from our warehouse to you.

In case of products with merino wool, we are outsourcing the whole process, but we know where the merino wool comes from and we control the fabric process.

We believe that this is the way to give you good products, good services and do it in the most sustainable way as possible!