World Ocean Day - 10 facts about the Ocean

1 - Earth´s oceans are unique in the Universe - as far we know.

2 - For every species of marine life we know of, at least another three are yet to be discovered.

3 - Water takes around 1000 years to travel all the way around the whole globe.

4 - Half of all the oxygen we breathe is produced in the ocean.

5 - The oceans may seem vast, but they are small compared to the overall size of our planet.

6 - Rogue waves really do exist.

7 - Oceans hold around 50 times more carbon than the atmosphere.

8 - The great garbage patch is more like a plastic soup

9 - The Atlantic Ocean is getting bigger and the Pacific Ocean is getting smaller

10 - The most remote point in the oceans is called Point Nemo.