Clube de Rua - 1º Edition

A day when the street becomes a celebration!

Music, workshops, exhibitions, a market with various creatives, and even a community dinner will fill the historic center of Esposende with activities on the first Saturday of July.

This will be the 1st edition of Clube de Rua, a street event that aims to celebrate the community, commerce, and people’s lives in the urban context through the street and culture.

Its first edition will symbolically take place in some of the most important and historic arteries of Esposende. We will be able to enter the building of the old Rádio Esposende to attend concerts, see exhibitions on the street and in commercial spaces, explore the historical archive, and listen to stories of the street through conversations, among many other activities.

A day for all ages that starts at 10:00 AM with workshops and activities for the younger ones and extends until midnight with concerts and DJ sets, celebrating the street and its people.

Seapath will be present with a small booth showcasing some of our sustainable clothing. It will be a great opportunity to get to know the Seapath project more closely and check the quality of our garments.

The event will take place on Rua da Senhora da Saúde, Praça do Município, and at the Biblioteca Municipal Manuel de Boaventura.