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Products and Nature.

The main goal of Seapath is to do something better for sea and nature.

Our products are designed in such a way that they have the minimum influence in the ecological system. We try to use organic and recyclable materials. We do everything within our ability to use no plastic. The factory that works with us is only a few kilometers away from our warehouse, which means that the CO2 release into the atmosphere is very low.

We always try to improve, but we also want to have your opinion! You can write on or leave a message on Facebook.


Seapath is designed and manufactured in Portugal.

We pay the fair price for our clothing and services and we really care about the working conditions for everyone who is associated with it. In our process, it is important for us that everyone is happy and has the right to express their opinion!

Hangtags and packaging

seapath recycled

Our hangtags are made of recycled material and cord. We don’t use plastic to ship your order. We use a paper bag or box which can be reused or simply recycled.