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About us

Seapath is a Portuguese brand created by and for people who really care, love and protect the sea and nature. 

The idea arose from the passion of surfing and the historical connection that Portugal has with the sea. The passion of ordinary surfers who see the ocean as a place to share, enjoy respect and protect.

But we recognized that this passion is not enough to protect what we love.

We see this brand as a way to convey our ideas and feelings. Our goal is to make sustainable clothing and raise awareness of the environment. We are deeply concerned about our daily practices, about the surfers and how they deal with the sea. About hikers and how they treat the mountain. About campers and how they treat the fields. In our mind, it is inconceivable that people do not leave nature as they found it. 

For Portuguese, the Sea is the past, the present and the future. The history of Portugal and the sea are one soul. Our path was and is the sea.