Seapath people - Charpter II

Who are the faces behind Seapath?

You already know us from photos, but it's time for you to find out more about us.
And here we are; Mario from Portugal and Regi from Germany.
We live in the beautiful north of Portugal and continue to work on making the fashion world a little greener.
The brand Seapath was founded by Mario, is 100% independent and has been our great passion since its inception.

We work with great people like freelance artists, illustrators or the company that reliably supplies us with the organic cotton.
Many of these people have become friends through their work, with who we like to share some waves on weekends.
A very important part, of course, to mention the factory where the fabrics are sewn into the end product, a small company of 12 people with a lot of heart, humor and friendliness.

And that's us, that's Seapath. A small brand that wants to remain human, connected and transparent to everyone.