How fair are we?

In Portugal 77,8% of the sewing factories are micro companies, which means that less than 10 people work there.

These little companies get the work from the big textile factories.
Unfortunately, at this point, some big factories try to get the cheapest price to make a bigger win without the brand knowing about it.

It is very important that every brand start to ask how much the big companies pay for the small embroidery factory, the packing factory, or the sewing factory.
That way, the prices are fairly paid for all people who make our clothes.
As a consumer, you have the power and the right to ask.

As you know Seapath belongs to a sewing factory, so we couldn't be more happy that we know everybody that is involved in the process here in Portugal.
From the textile factory until the woman who do the final quality control.

So how is the process?
We used to go like other brands to a textile factory we know and trust.
There we choose the material, the model, colour and the quantity we want to have.
Now we need to wait a few weeks until the factory prepare the blanks (cuttet pieces of our item).
We take these blanks now to our own little sewing factory and start to make a garment out of it.
We produce small quantities, so it just take a few days.
If they get a print or an embroidery we do it before they are sewn.
As soon as the garments are done they are now driven by us to a pre-wash.
We prefer to wash them as cotton tends to shrink and we want to make sure you get the right size and no nasty surprises.
After the pre-wash, our washed garment goes back to where it started, to the textile factory. In the last step, our article is ironed, folded and subjected to a final quality control.
After all this our new item is ready to go online.

As you can see, many people are involved in making our clothes.
We want to make sure that everyone in this process is paid fairly. That's why we control everything by making personal contact and avoiding price negotiations, because we know that the small businesses suffer the most with cheap prices and quantity discounts in this whole process.

We hope that we were able to give you a little insight.
If you have any further questions please feel free and send us a message.