Seapath and the Black Friday

As you know, we - Seapath, sustainable brand designed and made in Portugal - do what we can to be as sustainable as possible. We avoid plastic, we use sustainable or deadstock fabric and most important we produce small quantities.

For us, Black Friday is one of the darkest days in terms of sustainability for our planet. It's a massive consuption day.

We, as a brand, could call it Green Friday, Blue Friday, Sustainable Friday or whatever to pass the idea of sustainability, but the truth is that it's just a day or even a week that appeals to mass consumption, and mass consumption is anything but sustainable.

As a clothing brand, we also lower our prices with our sales or even special promotion campaigns, but we use it as a marketing strategy and mainly to sale our stocks. And we never appeals to mass consumption.

On November 25, 2022, Black Friday day, we do not allow sales on our website. You can visit it, you even can add products to the cart, but you cannot do the checkout. This is the way that we have to show that we don´t belong to this unsustainable day.