The costs to produce our sustainable clothes

As a transparent brand, we think it's important to show you how much it actually costs to make our clothes. Since we produce our things in our sewing factory, it is easier for us to control costs for each phase of production and rely on sustainable practices.
Let's take our Ribeira sweatshirt as an example. Remember, prices may vary from piece to piece, but the calculation process is always the same.

Cost breakdown for the Ribeira Sweatshirt:
  • • Fabric: €16.32
  • • Sewing: €3.25
  • • Prewash: €0.30
  • • Labels and tags: €0.97
  • • Box: €1.00
Total costs for materials and handwork: €21.84

Additionally, we have another major expense and that is shipping. The prices for shipping to the European Union are as follows:
  • • Under 299g: €7.90
  • • 300g to 499g: €9.90
  • • Over 500g: €13.50
Shipping costs are quite high due to Portugal's remote location in Europe.
And there are also marketing costs in addition to all.
But on the other hand, we can save costs because we store our own things and prepare the orders ourselves.

That's pretty much how much it costs to make our clothes.
We hope we were able to give you some clarity