Who is the most sustainable brand?

The competition for the most sustainable brand has begun.

Everyone is trying to justify using "sustainable", "ethical", "eco", "carbon neutral" etc. to make more profit and keep the boat on the water. And as we all know, some of them - even if they don't admit it - have big boats. Large boats require a lot of fuel and are therefore certainly not carbon neutral. The bigger a brand or company is, the more resources it needs. When these brands reach a certain number of monthly spends, such as salaries for employees and operating costs, they have to sell a lot, which forces them to produce more clothes.

Let's take the example of the average gross salary in Portugal (1400€ per month). If these brands have at least 10 employees (a really low number), they have to generate 14,000€ per month just to pay the salaries. For example, a product that is sold for 50€ and 7€ of that goes towards paying wages, that's about 2000 products sold per month just to pay wages and cover the costs incurred. This leads to greater production to reach these numbers. It's the rules of the economy.

What do we mean by that? We simply want to create awareness that as an environmentally conscious person you know the numbers and how much a brand has to produce in order to be economically efficient. Because we think that awareness and conscious consumption are also a way to more sustainability.

And what about us? We would like to do 1/3 of those monthly numbers per year (true story). Unfortunately there is no one with us who can only live of Seapath. But this situation also gives us the freedom to be transparent with you. We don't have to lie to strategize to keep the boat afloat because our boat hasn't left the harbor yet. We want to become more aware and transparent with our customers. We know that if we grow bigger one day we will be less sustainable, but we don't want to be the biggest either!

Our goal is to maintain the balance between sustainability and profit so that we can live exclusively from Seapath. To keep this balance, we are always looking for the best, most durable and sustainable goods to create the best garment for you.