Are we "Climate Neutral"?

In Seapath, one of our goals is to be transparent and honest with our community. We put our efforts to offer you the best quality clothes, using the most sustainable way that the market offer. But we do not use marketing as a way to communicate something that give our costumers a false idea.

We are not climate neutral. 

And you know why?
It is actually impossible at this time.

When a company communicate that they are "Carbon Neutral", "Zero emmissions" or "Carbon Negative", they are passing the idea that throught the product value chain there are no CO2 emissions wich is not true.

The claims rarely stand up to scrutiny. Most often, companies are simply taking advantage of vague and often meaningless terminology and, knowingly or unknowingly, misleading the public.

Some companies also communicate that to compensate the CO2 emmissions, they invest in CO2 offsets projects, wich often involves dubious transactions.
Unfortunately, there are no standard guidelines for achieving net zero or carbon neutral emissions. That means companies and countries can create their own definitions.

Please, don´t get us wrong. We would love to be climate neutral. We think it's good to plant trees and support environmental projects, but this don't solve the CO2 emmissions problem right know.

That´s why our focus is to produce small quantities, to use less resources and of course emit less CO2 into the atmosphere. We are constantly working to improve our supply chain to offer you the most sustainable products.
We are conscious that our products are not carbon neutral. Unfortunately.
But we want to be transparent with you  and don´t want to use the word "Carbon Neutral" as a marketing strategy to pass a false idea.